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Research opportunities in healthcare IT can be classified into three broad categories: development of informatics tools, evaluation of informatics tools, and improvement of national standards and infrastructure. Building a critical mass of radiology education researchers through education fellowship programs specific to radiology and mobilizing the existing radiology education researchers into one group with a shared vision are opportunities for elevating the status of radiology education research.


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Other Research Opportunities. Radiology is a ... Our status as an academic research hospital ensures there is always a wide variety of educational opportunities available, as well as the chance to participate in and observe some of the most advanced techniques and procedures in medicine today.

The SIR Medical Student Travel Scholarship provides medical students in the U.S. and Canada with the opportunity to learn about IR at an early stage in their medical careers.

Two types of research can be conducted. In house clinical projects evaluating new radionuclides.

Office of Research Development – COVID-19: Funding Opportunities Research in the Department of Radiology is grouped into basic sciences and clinical. Our students engage with faculty mentors who … In the BASIC SCIENCES, there are four main research groups that are involved in specific research areas: Imaging Informatics (headed by Pew-Thian Yap, PhD) MRI research (headed by Weili Lin, PhD) The Nuclear Medicine department offers excellent conditions and opportunities for research. 17, No.

The University of Illinois College of Medicine is devoted to providing a comprehensive student scholarship experience encompassing the breadth and depth of biomedical research pursuits in modern academic medicine. There are a number of institutions that offer research opportunities in clinical radiology. An example is the evaluation of a new 18F-labelled agent for CAD. Visit our Research page for a list of these institutions. SIR Travel Scholarships. SCHOLARLY AND RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES Research and scholarly projects can be YOUR PATHWAY to the career you want! Research Opportunities. 2 European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Vol.

Development of informatics tools often involves improvements to existing radiology workflow (24-26).

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